Pursuant to and in accordance with the Art. 13 of legislative decree no. 196/2003, “Personal data protection code”, shall lay down the following:

  1. The data: it will be processed your records data (name, surname, e-mail, address, telephone, mobile phone, etc...), accounting/fiscal data (example: the warehouse address, bank reference, etc.) and those data that are incident to your economical activity (example: kind of work).
  2. The modality, purposes and duration of the processing:
    1. Those datas are gather and process to provide for the obligatory compliance connected to our economic activity, legal order and to the contractual reports.The datas could be communicated, in addiction to all the members of our internal structure (administrative, marketing and production offices...), event to external subjects as controlled or linked society or to others that take commission from the company (example: for fiscal works, sales net, sending, storage, computer, consulting and transportation services etc.) to banking-house, for the cash management and payments arising from the execution of contracts; to subject that must recuperate and protect the credit and society of commercial information for the judgment about credit of the businesses and about behavior debt to subjects provided by law.
    2. With your consent, that could be revoke in every moment, they are used to:
      a) elaborate statistics and marketing studies and research;
      b) communicate and/or send, even with automatic modality, advertising and informative material and commercial
      information with telephone, SMS, MMS, videos or similar, e-mail, printed fax and/or enclose to the bill;
      c) do sales activities, direct and indirect;
      d) make interactive business com munications;
      e) do investigations, surveys and revelations of the clients satisfaction about the qualities of services, even with phone calls;
      f) identify, even with electronic elaborations, the habits and propensities to consume, to improve the services, to satisfy your specific needs with advantageous promotions and to offer new services and products of Radar s.r.l. The datas are processed lawfully and following the standards of honesty and confidentiality, respecting the legislative decree 196/03, using computers and manual/printed tools and those datas are insert in databases managed by Radar s.r.l.
  3. Giving datas is optional: Giving personal datas is optional, but it is necessary to establish and/or accomplish all the contractual obligations, so the missed conferment of those datas could not allow the establishment of the relationship, its prosecution and its total or partial fulfillment.
  4. Persons to whom we can communicate: Those datas, and the datas that are elaborated by others, are not communication and broadcasting objects except for the cases provided by law ans the treatment will be characterized by the principles of honesty, lawfulness and transparency for the tutelage of the confidentiality and the rights of the interested subjects.
  5. Rights of the ex articles 7 and 130: concerning to the same datas you can exert the rights provided from the articles 7 and 130 of the legislative Decree no. 196/2003; you can oppose in every moment to the treatment, sending a letter, e-mail of fax to the Data controller.
  6. Data controller: The controller of the processing of personal data is Radar s.r.l. con sede in via Marconi n. 2 46043 Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) - TEL 0376 631709 FAX 0376 631700 - E-mail: